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01 - Ultimate Equine Organizer  
The Ultimate Equine Organizer contains everything you need to be organized.

Business administration includes: Employment applications, vacation schedules, absentee reports and personnel appraisal forms. Each organizer will come with any three of the agreement forms, which includes: breeding, boarding, judging, leasing, purchase and training. (Please specify). The finance and budget forms are now in a calendar format to better serve your needs. The new horse record forms in pads of 20 and the invoice/receipt forms in duplicate pads of 20 are included. Clear page protector sheets to hold registration papers and travels neatly to shows/events, a plastic zipper pouch large enough to carry any rulebook and brand travel cards, business card holders, a Bic executive metal point pen and a weekly planner are always part of the organizer. There is text accompanying each section explaining the proper usage to make your business more profitable. 

All in an executive style leather-look zipper case embossed with the logo in gold. $89.95
02 - Ultimate Equine Calendar  

The calendar insert from the organizer can be purchased separately. It includes: calendar pages, travel expense register, marketing goals, itemized income and expense registers and introducing the daily training/work chart. Keep your records in one place, especially if you don’t like to use computers. Specify calendar year. $24.95

03 - Ultimate Equine Legal & Business Advisor  

By George G. Johnson and Tracy D.Dowson, I.S.B.N. 0-963-0558-1-X

"This book could be used as a textbook for an Equine Business course, like the ones I taught at several universities during my teaching career. It brings under one cover the myriad of things that must be considered by horsepersons in today’s complex and litigious society."

Foreword by Doug Butler who received his PhD from Cornell University in Equine Nutrition and Veterinary Anatomy. He is a Certified Journeyman Farrier and a Fellow of The Worshipful Company of Farriers of England. Doug Butler, PhD, CJF, FWCF

298 pages, paperback, $36.00

About the Authors

George G. Johnson, Jr., shares his years of experience and knowledge of equine law with readers inside these pages. Johnson was the senior attorney interviewed in a recent article in Horse and Rider magazine, we just like to say he’s seasoned. The wide range of topics will help everyone in the horse industry. From the first time horse owner learning what paperwork is involved in the purchase of a horse to the experienced horse owner who needs to clearly understand the “two of seven presumption,” as the IRS sees it.

George G. Johnson, Jr. is the author of the book, In The Balance, The Horseman’s Guide to Legal Issues. His magazine articles have been seen in many national and regional publications. Many people have heard him speak as he has lectured at; American Horse Council, Annual Convention (1997), Horse Expos and Colleges.
George Johnson is a past Arabian Horse Association’s Judges & Stewards Commissioner. He used his 36 year's experience as an equine attorney in that position.

Tracy D. Dowson: After graduating from Colorado State University with a degree in Technical Journalism with concentration in Public Relations, Dowson gained experience as a newspaper editor for a weekly newspaper in Wyoming. She worked as an advertising copywriter for a major corporation’s in-house marketing division where she wrote “Advertising: Effective Strategies for Your R.O.I.”, managed the cooperative advertising program and worked with exciting public relations events like being a corporate sponsor for the Olympic Games.
She became a division manager for a publishing company directing a staff of 15 people. In 1988 Dowson started Pica Publishing to provide the horse industry with quality business products. Dowson also has syndicated columns and works as an advocate for the horse industry. 

04 - Agreement Forms for the Horse Industry  
Done the right way with lots of input from professionals in the horse industry. Printed in duplicate, in pads of 20, with hole punches to match The Ultimate Equine Organizer.

Select from: Breeding, Cooled Transported Semen, Boarding, Judging, Leasing, Purchase and Training. $9.95
Form Name
05 - Invoice/Receipt Forms  
Designed to help keep track of billing or receipts from: boarding, breeding, training, lessons, lease payments and purchase payments. This form even has a space where your farm name can be stamped or typed in. Get things in writing and keep a copy for your records. Printed in duplicate, in pads of 20, with hole punches to match The Ultimate Equine Organizer. $9.95
06 - Equi-Marketing  
Marketing Principles Effectively Applied to the Horse Industry, by Tracy D. Dowson, a professional publicist in the horse industry. Backlist with limited quantities.

ISBN 0-9630558-7-9, 141 pages, paperback.
Retail: $14.95

Publisher's Discount $10.95
07 - Individual Horse Records  
Track horses’ health, farrier, training and showing records. Printed both front and back, in pads of 20, with hole punches to match The Ultimate Equine Organizer. $9.95
08 - Employee Applications and Personnel Appraisal Forms  
Employee Forms