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    The following columns by Attorney George G. Johnson, Jr. are now available. Not only is he a distinguished attorney in the equine industry, but is the former Judges and Stewards Commissioner for the Arabian Horse Association. He writes frequently for various publications and if you missed any of his articles, you can get them today!      
  1. Alternative to Releases Signed on Behalf of Minors
  2. A New Twist on Liability
  3. Bad Dogs Aren't Covered by the Equine Liability Statute
  4. Expanded Liability Immunity in Colorado
  5. Good News for Horseowners Who Pull Trailers
  6. Will Injuries for Horseback Riding Be Covered by Insurance in the Future
  7. Horses are Livestock
  8. Legal Provisions for Horses
  9. Legal Trends Relating to the Recreational Use of Horses
  10. Liability for Horses Running at Large
  11. Liability of Outfitters
  12. Colorado Supreme Court Overturns an Incorrect Judgment Against a Veterinarian for Negligence
  13. Planning for Disaster
  14. Political Changes Offer New Challenges to Horse Owners
  15. President Bush's Immigration Proposal is a Great Deal for Horsemen
  16. Rodeo in the Olympics, Does this Support Animal Abuse?
  17. Spring Survey Time
  18. Strength in Numbers
  19. The Legislature Fixes a Supreme Court Decision (Regarding Parental Releases
  20. The Other Terrorists Among Us
  21. Thoughts on Some Trends in the Horse World
  22. Trail Riding, Liability and Etiquette
  23. Traveling with Your Horse
  24. We Need to Expand Our "War on Terrorism"
  25. What a Summer (Fires & West Nile Virus in Colorado)
  26. With CoHoCo's Help Appeals Court Properly Interprets the Colorado Equine Liability Stature

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